Five Songs

by clarity

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a collection of get-down party anthems for agoraphobics.

(if out of free downloads, a mediafire link to download the record is in our facebook description).


released September 4, 2015

Clarity is:
vocals/guitar - Sam Kuhns
bass/backing vocals - Jesse De Siena
drums/backing vocals - Damien Thompson

all songs written by Sam Kuhns, arranged by Clarity.

engineered, mixed, and mastered by Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studios.

produced by Clarity.



all rights reserved


clarity Florida


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Track Name: Total Bliss
if this is total bliss, i'd say it's perfect
and i would never change this dynamic, i just wish
that the distance wasn't quite so bitter
that these car rides could last forever

(verse 1)
i'm gonna tear it all the fuck back down
to a place where our broken pieces still fit together
beautiful, broken, too blacked out to see:
a 16-years-old kind of clarity (AY-YOOOOO)

if this is total bliss, i'd say it's perfect
and i would never change this dynamic, i just wish
that the distance wasn't quite so bitter
that these car rides could last forever
that i could find a way to reconcile my day-to-day
with "no retreat, no surrender"

(verse 2)
i'm gonna tear myself the fuck back down
to a place that i'm not repulsed at my own reflection
desperate but sure of what i wanna be:
a way-too-fucked-up kind of certainty


woah-oh (x one million)


(outro chorus)
Track Name: Please Kill Me
(verse 1)
i've never been that full of shit in my whole life
so that you managed to do it twice is almost commendable
and i fell for it both times, so i guess some of the blame is mine
though it pains me to write this line, you were never my friend

i hope that being alone is worth it in the end

(verse 2)
i've never seen such a sycophant in my whole life
and yet i still crave your acceptance, how'd you get so far into my brain?
i should've known from the day you scoffed at GODDAMNIT, ...AND OUT COME THE WOLVES, (G.I.), and DAMAGED
that you just didn't get it, no that things would never be the same

and i don't wanna mean it when i say
that we're better off without you anyway
but i think i do
at least the person than you're faking today

please kill me and i will kill you
i hate the people we've grown apart into
i will kill you if you'll kill me
in one final stab at honesty

and a year from now when you're divorced from her
and the only thing left to fuck is yourself over
will you miss those times, will you miss the roads
will you miss your friends, miss Cape Canaveral?

or will you still be, "oh-so" better off alone?


(verse 1/outro)
Track Name: Rentals: Reloaded
(verse 1)
this wasn't a good night to bail
i'm naked and reeling on a hotel bathroom floor
a ball of nerves, undeserved
eyeballs (*long live the hate*) burning worse than ever before
and that's all you had to say if you didn't wanna hang out
you've left me coming to grips with mortality
on the steps of my grandparents' house
and i just wanna get out

(half-chorus thing)
so if you're gonna freeze
come on and freeze with me
i need any excuse to leave
yeah, i need any excuse to leave

(verse 2)
and yeah, she's fucked up
but you've done so much that you can barely open your eyelids
now we're both high and driving the streets
our parents warned us about as kids
and a year ago, i would've reveled in this
and i swear you're the friend that i've most missed
but i'm pining for a utopia
that probably never even existed

and i'll walk Silver Lake alone if she won't answer her phone
it'll be pretty much the same as it was back home

so if you're gonna freeze
come on and freeze with me
i need any excuse to leave
yeah, i need any excuse to leave
and everywhere's the same
so fuck it anyway
i can't wait to be on that plane
no, i can't wait to be on that plane

(verse 1)

and please don't take my silence
as anything but a display of deep-seated inner violence
it's not that i don't appreciate
all that you've done, i just can't relate to anything you have to say


back to my small semblance of the same.
Track Name: This Is Not a Good Day to Be Late
(verse 1)
give me just one night of pure, unadulterated sleep
no alarms to wake up to and no obligations to keep
give me one fucking day of my life that's all for me
where it's not so hard to remember that i don't owe anyone anything

'cause at eighteen years old you're put on a shelf
forced to sort out your life when you don't know yourself
it's a perfect recipe for existence unfulfilled
yeah, when nobody's satisfied with their new set of "skill"

all my friends are fucked in the head like me
all my friends are unhappy like me
and why shouldn't they be?

(verse 2)
give me just one person over thirty who gives a fuck
about my generation and the fact that we've given up
give me one "real adult" who cares that we're all feeling fucked
i'll sleep till whenever, i hope i sleep forever

oh god, i don't wanna wake up

'cause at twenty-five years old i'd rather be dead
than well-off, but still longing; miserable, but well-fed
yeah, if growing up means giving up on lack of caution
then fuck growing up, man. i'm staying young


let's steal the tires off every cop car
feel sheer adolescent glee
burn down all the preconceived notions
of what it means to leave your teens
Track Name: Cigarette
do you feel strong when you say that word?
the most pathetic thing i've ever heard
i hope i get to watch you swerve off the road and die
your voice strains so strangely at my indifference
throw it out carelessly in self defense
just where do you get off?
just what's the matter with you?

are you really that upset by these events?
are you sure you're not just mourning your own relevance? (oh-oh)
stay the everliving fuck away from me
you're the epitome of everything i never wanna be

go on and roll your little window up
i'll flick another cigarette, 'cause i don't give a fuck